Blue hope

Intervention – external intervention in a process. The aim of my term paper was to explore the feelings associated with the birth of a child, the emergence of responsibility, planning, expectations, fears, contact with reality, and the reactions of other people around me.
Was I inspired by the work of the Impressionist? For me, impressionism – an impression, an impression of the past, an attempt to capture the immediate atmosphere of a given moment, unrepeatable moments, a moment of mental mood. As a result of self-reflection on the given topics – emphasizing that the past cannot be returned, and we have a responsibility for ourselves and our ability to influence how the future turns out.
Canvas 120 x 100 cm, acrylic.
The image has two in focus, the background with the breastfeeding woman, and the baby in the foreground, in a realistic style, as a symbol that the mother and the environment will not be able to influence the baby to the extent that the baby itself can affect its surroundings and even the mother. The child as a symbol of the new life that we as parents experience together with the child.
The figures in the picture shown in black and white, as well as a person from birth, we see everything without color. For a child of black and white, shades of gray are the first colors that everyone notices. Other colors that are in the picture are colors that are all around the baby from birth, although it is not yet noticeable and does not distinguish. Blue skies as well as dressed children are a symbol of hope for a bright future. Yellow symbolizes the radiation of the sun, joy, fields of wheat, and the life energy that is all around.
Comparison and influence on art
Unlike the Impressionists, who used their technique to paint a plenaire as a quick painting, I, on the other hand, tried to capture a plot that had lasted for two months. For art, this brings a combination of style while capturing an unstable moment.
It is also an interference in the political debate regarding the citizenship of the child, an unstable or insecure situation in Ukraine, and the fact that our son is basically 75% Ukrainian, while he has Russian citizenship, even though he was born as Plzeňak, he will probably grow up here. and he will rather feel like a Czech.
To remember where the child comes from, the whole picture looks like the Ukrainian flag symbolizing free will.


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