Stigma of Y Generation

The theme of my undergraduate work is “stigmata of Generation Y. It is a series of paintings, each painting showing a different situation from our lives.

They make up the letter “Y.” The events are drawn from the bottom up.

The bottom one shows a landscape from the ideal world of the internet, but no matter how we stay there, we always want to get out.

The rest of the pictures show how hard it is for us to be without it. When we break free we are faced with problems we can no longer handle on our own. For example, to be without Internet for a day or a week, at first it seems to us that life begins to change, we self-educate, but we lose all support, we can no longer just come to visit, without calling or writing, even the phones are in the background now, without the Internet, sometimes we lose absolutely all communication, as sometimes we are not able to start a new acquaintance in the street.

Why do we even try to get out of it? After all, we can coexist with it in one world, and not divide them into two different ones.

The pictures show the circularity of events, everything goes in a circle, people get out of the Internet, and also come back, as it is already much more difficult without it, and we do not like complexity.

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