I was born in 1996 in Yumen, Western Siberia.
2004-2014 studied at the art school in my hometown.
2015-2021 – received MgA degree at the Studio of Painting in Pilsen (FDULS), under the guidance of doc. M.A. in painting. Ales Ogoun.

Tell us about your childhood.
My mum liked to redraw human figures from book illustrations, my dad used to take photographs on film and develop them himself. I wasn’t an excellent student at art school – my teachers thought I painted too colourfully and crudely, while my mum said I should try harder for marks…

Does an artist need an education?
It depends on one’s self-esteem. For ten years, I was guided by the opinions of others regarding the evaluation of my art. Without a higher education, it was hard for me to believe in myself. But many people don’t need it.

Why did you decide to pursue abstraction after 15 years of academic education?
Abstract art can show so much more than figurative art, I can capture feelings that I wouldn’t be able to express otherwise.

Continue the sentence: I will not paint…
… what can be photographed.

How is modern art different from postmodern art?
Modern art assumes a certain structure to the work, a hierarchy of elements. Postmodern thought tends towards anarchy.

What are your plans for the future?
To connect and collaborate with people who are not afraid to paint on current topics and with whom we could organize joint exhibitions and meetings.

Can you imagine yourself as anything other than an artist?
Yes! As a minibus driver in Tumen. I would drive around the city all day, listening to music “on full blast”, talking to passengers about life, and trying to enjoy the independence and freedom of life.